Why Adelaide South Australia is The Destination of Choice for Study

Adelaide South Australia has a well-established position among the world’s leading study destinations. The most popular City for international students.

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Students share their stories…

Thank you boomerang team for your support and guidance. the best education consultancy in Nepal.

Reetu Gautam Acharya

Boomerang International Kathmandu has been our sincere and professional guide in securing a course in one of the world’s renowned Finders University. We salute your care and help that you bestowed upon us.

Jessica Rai

Thank you boomerang team for your support and guidance.

Sandhya Thapa

English School


Universities Pathways

The University of Adelaide College
ironwood Careers & Training
tafeSa Government of South Australia

Higher Education 

Kaplan Business School Australia
Lecordon Bleu Australia
Flinders University


tafeSa Government of South Australia
Adelaide Institute of Business and Technology
SCEI Southern Cross Education Institute
ironwood Careers & Training
Queensford College

What’s it like to live & study in South Australia?

There should be an international standard that, if you want everything to be great in your life, you should just go and study in Australia. It is the world’s most educated country, with over half of the population having a college degree.

No matter what age you are, Adelaide South Australia is a great place for lifestyle.

A population of 1.1 million which means that Adelaide is a bustling place, but not too busy or hectic like some Capital City destinations.