​Federal Government to Retain Accounting in SOL 2015

Skilled Migration Internship Program – Accounting

They cut Accounting from the Department of Immigration’s list of skilled occupations for 2015.  Hence, limiting access for offshore accountants to enter the local labour market”, The Australian Financial Review reports.

The Federal Government denies the report. Thus, they will cut accounting from the Department of Immigration’s list of skilled occupations in 2015.

The report agitates international students of Accounting. They fear that if the profession gets dropped out of the immigration skilled occupation list, their studies would be shattered. With hopes of attaining permanent residency.

Skilled Migration Internship Program – Accounting

The Government’s statement

Michaelia Cash, a spokesman for Assistant Immigration Minister, said the Department of Industries did not anticipate to make a decision on the composition of the skilled occupations list until early next year.

Senator Cash will make a final decision on the skilled occupations list once they provide the information to her.

According to Amanda White, Sydney Accounting lecturer in University of Technology, the decision to remove Accounting from SOL would affect a huge number of international students.

She added, as some international students study in Australia to learn and take their skills back to their homes. Thus, many students study with intent to migrate to Australia and find jobs in the country.

In a submission to the Department of Immigration and Border Protection’s review of skilled migration. The groups argue that instead of moving occupations on and off the list as eligible to apply for migration. A sliding scale reflecting the under supply or oversupply of skills should be implemented.

A spokesman for Senator Cash said: “The report this morning is the removal of occupation of accountant from the Skilled Occupation List is incorrect.

“There are no plans to remove accounting from the Skilled Occupation List for the 2015 program year.

“There are processes in place to remove or add occupations to or from the SOL and these procedures will be followed as per the usual practice.”

Source: migrationsolutions.com.au