The Best Ways To Save Money On Food And Groceries

Save Money

Would you be interested in learning the secret to save money?

You are right, it’s expensive in Australia, especially when it comes to food and groceries.

Fortunately, there are a few secrets that can be used to save money. Here’s 6 ways to make your money go further.

1. Go to the cheapest supermarket

Save Money

The two major supermarket chains Coles and Woolworths are certainly not the cheapest. A 2015 study from CHOICE.com found that the cheapest supermarket was Aldi’s, followed by Coles and then Woolworths and then by IGA.

If you don’t know where your nearest Aldis is, find out here.

You should also be visiting your local markets. They might be a little further away, but it’s well worth the effort. Avoiding major supermarket chains can save you up to 40% on your grocery bill.

2. Shop at the right time

Save Money

Yes – showing up at the shop at the end of the day – particularly on a Friday, can make a huge difference.

Stores want to get rid of perishable items (like meat) at the end of the day. There’s usually a ‘reduced’ section in the bakery, one in the chilled section and sometimes one in the fruit and veg section.

And if you really want to go out to eat, many places have cheap days. Often this is ‘cheap Tuesday’. Local pubs and clubs also usually have special days of the week for lunch and dinner deals.

3. Stop splurging

Save Money

Pro tip – always eat before you go grocery shopping. If you have a full stomach, you’ll buy less and are also less likely to select fatty, sugary foods. You should also get into the habit of carrying a healthy snack (like nuts or dried fruit) wherever you go so that you don’t splurge on takeaway meals when you’re out.

If you have a big day – pack your lunch. This can save up to $10 a day.

And finally, never skip breakfast. Eating breakfast has been proven to control your cravings later in the day.

4. Eat the foods that give you the most energy

Save Money

You don’t just want to look for food that will just make you feel full. You want food that gives you more energy, for longer.

When you shop, buy high energy, nutritious food like:

wholegrain bread and pasta
brown rice
dark chocolate (if you’re after something sweet)

5. Order online

Save Money

This might sound like a more expensive option, but it doesn’t have to be. Shopping online makes it really easy to:

Buy in bulk. Search for long lasting items (rice, canned goods, toilet paper, laundry liquid) according to price and then order A LOT in one go. This will save you heaps in the long run.

Find the best discounts. Find the pages for discounted goods and decide what to cook that week accordingly.
Plan very carefully. Because you don’t have to rush and have plenty of time to think, you can make a detailed plan of what you’re going to cook and stick to it. You also won’t be tempted by the snack isle when you shop online.
Both Coles and Woolworths also have cheap delivery days and free delivery when you spend over a certain amount. Stay tuned for Amazon Fresh Delivery, which Amazon say’s is coming to Australia soon.

6. Share food

Save Money

Yes – communal eating is cheaper – and more fun. Organise regular meals with your friends or if you have housemates, take turns cooking for everyone. This saves on the essentials like oil and spices (and electricity). You can cook in big batches and keep leftovers for later.

        Don’t just save moneysaveSave automatically. Aim for short-term savings goals.                                                                        (Source: Insider Guides)