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OET Preparation for a Successful Career

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OET Preparation

OET or The Occupational English Test is essentially an English Proficiency Test. This test is taken in order to ensure that a candidate has a basic level proficiency in the English language. For specialising in particular professional courses. If an aspirant wishes to work in Australia one is required to show their comfort in the…

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Bachelor of Business/Accounting/Masters of Accounting

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In the world today, where business has become the epicenter of lives. You would hardly find anyone who does not want to achieve success. And to be successful, one has to be educated in the right way, to the right extent, in the right places. Now, how is it that you can get the best…

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Initial Registration Course (Overseas Nurses) IRON1A

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Overseas Nurses

The course is accessible to all overseas Qualified Nurses wishing to nurse in Australia. Who have been recommended by the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency for eligibility. The aim of this course is: to assist overseas Qualified Nurses to embrace the knowledge and skills required to work as a nurse in Australia provide support in…

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Study ELICOS in Adelaide: Improve your English before starting your diploma or degree Study ELICOS: Australian Education system design and oversee English Language Intensive Courses (ELICOS). This is to help international students fulfill their educational goals in the country. This is the first step for overseas student before they take up higher studies in Australia.…