Taking Care of Your Mental Health – Studying in Australia

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Mental Health

Mental health issues such as anxiety and depression are unfortunately common among students, and research has shown that international students are particularly vulnerable. The pressures of being away from their homes, studying in another language and social barriers can compound upon international students and result in acute distress. On top of this, many do not seek help…


Pursuing Education in Australia

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Education in Australia

When we look at a global scenario of education, you would be happy to know that Australia happens to be the world’s 3rd favourite destination for higher education and further studies. Australia has become so popular amongst the students owing to the fact that their education services are top notch. Australia is home to eight…



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For a stable and respectable job in the society today, everyone needs a fine education. However, with so many institutes offering so many courses, one gets really confused so as to what to do and what not to do. This is where a professional education counselor can help you ride on your journey from a…


OET Preparation for a Successful Career

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OET Preparation

OET or The Occupational English Test is essentially an English Proficiency Test. This test is taken in order to ensure that a candidate has a basic level proficiency in the English language. For specialising in particular professional courses. If an aspirant wishes to work in Australia one is required to show their comfort in the…