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English Language Intensive Courses for Overseas Students, widely known as ELICOS. It is designed and
oversee by Australian Education system. To help international students fulfill their educational goals in the country. The word ‘intense’ implies a full-time study. And with at least 20 scheduled course contact hours of face-to-face classes of English language instruction, every week.

Why apply for ELICOS?

International students coming to Australia for vocational training, higher study, or working Holiday. They always find themselves deeply immersed in English language and culture. Some overseas students join English language classes as a stepping stone to other courses. Some arrive in the country only to become fluent in English. Others join such courses to explore better work or career prospects.

Visitors to Australia may also apply for English language courses. So they can travel around the country hassle-free. By enrolling for such courses, students can improve their proficiency in English language. Also boost their confidence before appearing in the universities for main courses. Undoubtedly, these English language courses open up a new world of opportunities for overseas students as well as migrants in Australia.

ELICOS Student Visa

Overseas Student Program (OSP) run by the Australian Government allows people who are neither citizens nor permanent residents of Australia to enter the country to study English language. Visa issuance for this specific purpose is known as ELICOS student visa. We are granting International students visa only if they enroll for a registered course or part of a registered course on a full-time basis. The Application cost for an ELICOS student visa as at July 2012 is $535. Finally, it is reviewed every year in July.

Cost if enrolled via Boomerang International Educational Services: Tuition fees range from AUD$250 per week to AUD$350 per week for regular ELICOS courses, involving 20-25 hours of tuition per week.

Where to Study ELICOS in Australia?

Well, you have got two options to study ELICOS in Australia. And they are as below:

Independent English language Schools – ELICOS schools and colleges are available all across Australia. Thanks to strict government norms, the quality of education offered by these ELICOS schools and colleges remain the same throughout the country. Contact us to learn about the main ELICOS centers across the country.

University Run English language Schools – There are a number of Universities who have their own English language Schools and you can also study at these schools to meet the English language
Entry requirements into many University degrees.

The survey last July 2012 by a renowned figure of education industry of Australia, it was found that overall learning satisfaction has hit the milestone of 91%, up from 86% in 2009. The
results are proving that the ELICOS sector is leading the industry in meeting students’ expectations.

Today, more than 30% of international students begin with ELICOS, or precisely English language
instruction, class and then apply for formal studies in Australia.

The ELICOS Standards of Australia enhance the country’s image as a provider of high quality education to the global education market and assists in attracting more international students to the country.

So, if you are flying to Australia for further studies or to learn English, Choose the right ELICOS course. It will also help you fully participate in Australian life.

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