How to Prepare Yourself for IELTS – The License Entry to Universities & Permanent Residency in Australia


The Immigration Department of Australian Government has fixed the standards of the English
language considering a fact that immigrants who are proficient in English language can easily find a good job in the country. Additionally, fluency in English language will also help immigrants to mix in social environment of Australia.

Poor command over the English language can be annihilating to the possibility of your career
success. Even though you’re proficient in all other skills needed for the job. Therefore,
Australia has made it mandatory for all immigrants to first clear an IELTS (International English
Language Testing System) test.

So Whether you want to study in Australia or apply for a permanent residency (PR) visa, IELTS is a must.

ielts common mistakes

Here is a 6 step guide on how to prepare for IELTS test:

Step-1 Gather All Essential Information Online

While searching the web, you will find a plethora of websites sharing quality information about the test. Learn about the format, sections, maximum score, minimum valid score, time limit, etc., of the test. You may also participate in online forums to get great tips or resolve your queries regarding the test.

Tip: Read information from official or reliable sites only, as there exists many scam websites that present incorrect or misleading information.

Step-2 Meet The Expert

Once you know all basic things about the test,it is recommended that you find a nearby
British Council or join a good IELTS class. Australian government is running an official English
language training program known as ELICOS for all, including the inhabitants, tourists, overseas
students and immigrants to Australia.

Joining one of the ELICOS English courses in Australia offers an excellent introduction to English language needed before commencing academic courses, business or recreation.

Step-3 Undergo The Initial Assessment

Most of the IELTS programs or schools first conduct the initial assessment round of candidates
before enrolling them. This round helps the IELTS instructor gauge students’ level of proficiency in reading, listening, writing and speaking English language.

Step-4 Set Your Goal

Ask yourself how much band score you want to get in the test. The highest score is 9, however
anything above 5.5 is considered as a good score.

Step-5 Keep Practising

Learning a foreign language isn’t a piece of cake. However, regular and strategic practice can
certainly help you obtain your goal. Ask your instructor for his or her feedback on your progress and give as many mock tests as possible for you. Know your weaknesses and try to overcome it.

Rather than completely relying on the material given by your IELTS class. It is recommended that you search good tutorials and blogs for IELTS online. Schedule at least 3o minutes of your day to listen to English news channels like BBC and CNN. You may also watch English movies and shows.

Step-6 Improve Your Speed And Memory

The combined time of listening, reading and writing test sessions in IELTS is 2 hours and 30
minutes. Speaking test is then conducted at appointed time. So, you don’t have all the time in the world to answer the questions. To hit the desired band score, candidates must work on their speed gradually.

In the reading and listening sections of the test, memory power plays crucial role. You need to
remember the words and the sentences in no time. While practicing in class, it is recommended that you develop memory for English words.

Consider these tips while appearing for the IELTS test and obtain the desired band score.

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