IELI – Intensive English Language Institute

IELI provides high quality English language training to help students improve all aspects of their English language skills. At our school, students study in two separate classes – Reading & Writing and Listening & Communication. Students can be placed in different levels for their different classes. This means, for example, that if your speaking is better than your writing, you will be placed in a higher level class for Listening & Communication than for Reading & Writing. This way, you can challenge yourself to improve in your strong areas and get some extra help to improve in your weak areas.

IELI is a not-for-profit organisation, which means that everything they do is for their students, not for owners or shareholders.

They also offer extra classes in the afternoon that students can attend for no extra cost. These classes offer additional practice in specific areas, like pronunciation, and there are also classes just for practicing conversation with local university students.


General English

English for Academic Preparation (EAP)

English For Health and OET Preparation

Group Study Tours

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