Once you have planned to study in Australia, there comes lots of other factors that you need to consider before your final arrival. The first major thing that holds your mind is Accommodation. You really have to be very sure in gathering all available options that you will have for accommodations & how can you start looking for it.

Some students decide to find place once they reach the country. However, this could be an expensive selection as in that case you would have to stay in a hotel or a hostel for a prolonged period of time. Therefore, it’s always wise to be sure with either having a rental setup or a temporary arrangement before coming to Australia.

Also, the institution you are planning to study at may provide you an on-campus residence for long-term or short-term duration for their overseas students. Many institutes have housing plans available especially for international undergraduate students. On the other hand, even if you are a post graduate student, university may still have some other options available to you.
Following are some other Accommodations options available that you can consider before taking final decision.

On Campus
That being said, this option can be the best in order to minimize traveling. Many universities offer comfortable & furnished housing on campus or nearby. Therefore, universities must be the first priority before exploring any other options.

It means you will live with a family in their home. This is a great option for young students who will experience home like comfort of an established home. Sometimes other amenities like cleaning & meals are also included. Families providing accommodation to students are screened in order to make sure that they offer a good, healthy environment to students.

This is done through a real estate agent or privately. For this, you will need to deposit or ‘bond’ (normally four weeks rent), as well as rent in advance (also usually four weeks). The bond is signed in case of any damage or repair that you might cause to the property while renting. At the time of agreement termination, some, or all, of this amount may be refunded to you.

Short-term accommodation
You can consider this option if you want to have a temporary arrangement for the time being once you arrive Australia:

  • Hostels and discounted rates on hotels.
  • Temporary housing which may be offered through your institution while you get settled. Talk to your institution’s international support staff or check their website for details.

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