Starting your degree in Australia?

Let’s talk about Plagiarism in assignments, one of the most important reasons why students fail in their assignments.

We can’t stress enough how important it is to be ethical in your research and assignments. The universities have been recently putting lots of effort in ensuring a fair academic environment among all students.

Plagrarism as the act of using someone’s work or ideas without giving proper citation and reference or trying to present someone else’s work as your own.

It is obvious that plagiarized solutions are no good in any way. So when the deadline is very near and students copy what they get their hands on. The only thing it can do is send someone running for cover from plagiarism software.

In fact, if students got caught cheating either in exam or assignments, they will be punished heavily. Which could possibly lead to permanent suspension and visa rejection. So being aware of your situation and choosing the right things to do are very important as it is not worthy cheating on any assessments.


If you find it difficult in your study, please contract with the school or with us asap. We will find a solution for you!

Finally, most universities have International student officers. You can talk to regarding issues with academics or anything affecting your morale and not committing

How will plagiarized content affect me?

If you are the victim:

Has somebody plagiarized your work without your consent and/or proper credit? If this is the case, the first thing you must do is contact the writer. If the person fails to take down the plagiarized content, explaining what the consequences will be if they don’t comply may encourage the user to do what you have outlined. Someone who plagiarizes your work online may be getting paid for the content you have produced, and while it can be a longer process to get the content taken down, it is important to realize that it is wrong for someone else to post your material without permission.