Study in South Australia – FAQ

Did you know that Australia is the world’s third most popular study abroad destination?

Learn all that you need to know about studying in South Australia. Read below this commonly asked questions.

This information is designed for Prospective International Students and should be only used as a guide. Contact us for more information for additional answers.

What kind of services do you provide here?

Assigning students to Australia for Higher Studies

How much will it cost to study in Australia?

Tuition fees will vary depending on the course and institution. Please use the course search option on our website.  Once you find the course you’re interested in, click the ‘Inquire now’ button on the page, which will put you in contact us.

What are the acceptable financial institutions?

Most of the universities accepts ‘A’ class bank of Nepal, however please check the list.

Can I travel before my class start date?

You can travel up to 3 months prior to class start date but legally you can only after your course is in session.

What can I do after completion of studies?

You will have an opportunity to apply for PSW if conditions met alternatively if you are eligible to apply for permanent residency you can do so.

Who can sponsor me for my studies?

According to Department of Home Affairs anyone can sponsor student as long as they can provide valid relationship with the sponsors, however your immediate family members are given priority.

How long will whole processing time take?

Depends on which course you apply and if the application is complete. For example, if you apply with all required documents and IELTS, then within 2 weeks can receive an…

I have already completed BSC nursing, what are my options?

If you are looking for options to enrol as a nurse in Australia, then we do not have many options. But if you are interested in Master of Public Health.

What is the minimum IELTS requirement?

Overall 6 with 5.5 and above some universities overall 6.5 with all above 6 each.

How to show annual income?

If an employee, monthly wage. If a business person, the business roation income.

What are the procedures and requirements in order to apply for scholarships and grants?

Most scholarships are based on Merit. If you are applying for Bachelors scholarship you need to have good AL results. If you are applying for Masters scholarship, you need to

What might be the total cost incurred throughout the process?

Boomerang offer free of service, the total cost will be depend on each course and the university.

Which University is suitable for my course ?

It is depend on the course.

How much money we have to show in bank?

Depends on the course you apply. If a single student the fund requirement is lower than a student with spouse / family.

How much time we have to wait for offer , GTE approved and COE ?

If we have to go with dependent how much extra cost or bank loan is required?

Can dependent and student live in different state?

Yes they can, but immigration may doubt in your relationship.

Do you arrange airport pick up and accommodation?

We can arrange it given that you provide us with ample of time.

Do I have to show property valuations?

Yes, you do, which will be plus point in GTE assessment. Minimum valuation of property required is 4 times the annual income.

Can I find a job in Adelaide?

You can find job in Adelaide, however it may not be as easy as finding one in Sydney or Melbourne but living cost and travelling cost in Adelaide is cheaper…

Do you only work for Institutes in Adelaide?

No we work for all the states in Australia not only Adelaide.

Spouse has visa refusal can we apply?

If an Australian visa refusal, then it is difficult. If another country like USA visa refusal, then it will not affect much

What are the intakes available?

February, July (October)

What is the minimum academic requirement?

Advanced level 2 Simple passes

How much annual income we need to show?

Other than the sponsorship funds, the ongoing income of a sponsor need to show. Some university required ongoing annual income of at least AUD 12,000.

What sort of part time jobs can I get there? For how many hours can I work in a week and what would be the general pay?

Part Time Job Hours can work – weekly 20 hours General Pay – Aud 16-20

What are the requirements to apply for admission in Australian Universities?

Good academic results with IELTS results. Sounds financial sponsorship without much study / career gap.

Which course lead to permanent residency ?

Information Technology, Nursing, Social works,Engineering, Accounting

Which city is most affordable?

Australia is the most affordable city.

Is college registered or not?

Yes its registered.

Do boomerang help us for jobs, pickup in airport, hostel?

Boomerang help to pickup in airport, hostel.

Do boomerang help us in doing banking work if we got confused?

Yes Boomerang help.

Can’t find the answer you are looking for?

Feel free to contact us. We will endeavour to get back to you as soon as possible.