Time management in Writing

Time management

Time Management in Writing. With 60 minutes on the clock to finish 2 writing tasks, it is indeed very crucial to take the most out of all the time you have. To deliver great contents.

Besides allocating your time relevant to different tasks, you should also allow a little time to write a draft so that you can organise your thoughts accordingly. This will help you plan your ideas ahead, thus keeping you under words limits and saving time.

Also, make sure each paragraph demonstrates a clear idea with examples and demonstrations. You should also try not to make it too difficult for people to follow and understand your ideas. The less complex your essay is, the less stress you feel and the more time you have to deliver greater contents.

Strategies to improve Time management

Writers say they use a wide range of strategies to stay productive. Here are some suggestions :

1. Turn off distractions. Disconnect the phone. Don’t check email. Log off Facebook. Don’t answer the doorbell. If you absolutely must stay online, close all but one tab on your browser. Use Chrome extension called StayFocusd to limit the number of minutes you can spend during work hours on sites like Facebook and Pinterest where you like to goof off.

2. Set goals. Laura Vanderkam, a New York freelance writer and author of 168 Hours: You Have More Time Than You Think, says she writes out big priorities for week. It’s a short list, “but they have to all get done.