Why do Visa Applications get Refused?

Visa application australia
Visa application australia

Australia is emerging as the best destination for higher education among international students. Additionally, with the rise in the number of overseas students, a GTE (Genuine Temporary Entrant) rule was introduced in November 2011. Under this rule, all students applications are assessed under GTE rules. Whether aspirant students are genuinely coming for the purpose to get higher education or not.

Following is the list what Australian visa officer will consider to judge your student visa application:

  • Previous academic record
  • Relevance of your intended course to your previous studies
  • Your knowledge about the course and your institute
  • Previous immigration history
  • Gap between your previous studies and intended study course
  • Reasons for selecting the specific course to pursue
  • Reasons for selecting the specific education institute
  • Reason for selecting Australia for higher education
  • Your financial capacity to meet educational and living expenses in Australia
  • Economic, social and political circumstances of your country of residence

Although this is not a complete list, but they refuse most of the applications for the above reasons. Likewise, to most students applications that do not appeal them right. Some reasons such as:

  • Incomplete information
  • False/incorrect information
  • Missing proof of financial support, then
  • Nominating the wrong occupation
  • Using tourist visa to re-unit with friends & family
  • Did not make sure you meet health requirements
  • Not providing proof of English language proficiency
  • Not seeking professional help when in doubt

However, you can reapply after preparing them again providing as much supporting evidences as your can to make visa officer satisfy that you are a genuine student applicant.